Tony Buzbee Uninvited

World famous attorney Tony Buzbee ventures throughout the city of Houston exploring its diverse restaurant scene. Uncovering not only unique dishes & flavors but also the stories behind the establishments.

Al Rucker Uncut

Al Rucker is one of the most succesful entrepreneurs in the city of Houston. Some conversations leave you speechless. Al Rucker Uncut show is welcoming a round of guests Rucker finds fascinating. This season, Al sits down with David Banner, Pastro Thaddeus Matthews «The Cussing Pastor», and many other famous guests for in-depth conversations, combining humor and curiosity.

Interfaith Women’s Pilgrimage

We have walked the journey of some courageous people…but it’s not over…we have to keep walking…somebody’s depending on us.

In Post-Production

Shades of Blue

Political talk show in Houston, Texas with 3 woman expert in the political arena.

Released in 2018-2019

Hamara Clinic (Pakistan)

Arshad Umer a medical doctor from Texas, travel to his origin country Pakistan and associate with other doctors to create and develop a medical assistance facility for the less fortune people completing a medical treatment for less then 5 dollars.

Released in 2016

Rolf Kipp «I Am Forever» (Monaco)

Short Documentary about Rolf Kipp and his road to success in the international multilevel company Forever

Released in 2014

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